Full Groom:

This is a full makeover package. Bath, blow dry, brush out, nails & paw pads trimmed, feet shaped and tided, sanitary clip, ears cleaned/plucked and face scissored/tided followed by a full body clip and style. Finishing with a coat/skin conditioner, cologne and/or bow/scarf.

Partial Groom:

This is all the above except full body clip and/or de-matting. Prices are adjusted accordingly.

Prices listed are BASE prices. The final grooming cost ultimately depends on the condition of your pet’s coat, its size, and/or most importantly your pet’s behavior.

Special Handling fees WILL BE applied for the following:

Behavioral Issues $10.00-$30.00

If your dog is “difficult” – Hyper, a biter, refuses to stand or tends to relieve himself several times. during his stay (It happens!) – expect to pay the additional fee for the added time that is needed to complete the grooming.

Matted Pets & Extensive Coat Removal ($25.00 per half hour.)

If your pet has not been professionally groomed in a while and the coat has not been maintained properly; expect this fee to apply unless severely matted and the only option is a shave down.


À La Carte Services:

  • Nail Clipping Only:
    • Clipping $18 includes grinding
    • (with paws tidied, add an additional $10-12.00 )
  • Anal Gland Release:
    • with grooming services $10.00
    • without grooming services $15.00
  • Breath Freshener/Teeth Brushed : $6.00
  • Flea Baths : $15-25.00 (depending on size and coat)
  • De-Skunking: $15-$25 (depending on size and coat)

Additional Fees:

  • Express Grooming $25.00 (requesting 1-2 hr. complete groom)
  • Early Drop Off $25.00
  • Late pickup (after hours) $15.00 first 10 minutes $5.00 each additional 5 minutes.