How to help your dog lose weight without losing your mind – follow these few suggestions:

Feed less count calories and your veterinarian can help you determine how much food to your dog needs A rough formula for an in active spayed or neutered adult dog between 60 and 60 pounds you would divide your dogs ideal weight in pounds by 2.2 multiplied that figure by 30 and add 70 this is just a rough idea of how many calories your dog needs a day .
Give healthy treats such as carrots, green beans, celery, broccoli, cucumbers, sliced apples, bananas and even ice cubes. Try freezing your fruits and vegetables – that will make them last longer.

Feed fiber adding fiber such as vegetables add block without extra calories. Another good source of fiber would be canned pumpkin — not the pumpkin pie filling.

Exercise – get out and walk with your dog, gradually increasing distance as your dog becomes more active. Of course the added bonus is you will benefit from the added activity.